welcome 2016.. and Frugal Forest film..

March 8, 2016 11:06 am

a belated happy new year.. hope it’s started brilliantly for you.. i’ve been swept up with planning some future projects and writing new music..

very excited to say that Frugal Forest launched in January at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie (AUS) and is now touring regional NSW galleries. Our short film of the project documents the process over the past 3 years, including my contribution~ the creation of the soundscape: a compact 20-minute 5.1 surround sound composition of a 24-hour cycle of the rainforest, created entirely from foley effects (rubbish and recycled materials!), with the help of composer Ben Robinson and sound designer Sam Petty.

you can listen and buy the stereo mp3 version from the Sunwrae website.. for only a fiver!

in other news.. there are a few videos of mine now up online at I Care If You Listen.. and I’m currently finishing some of my piano & string quartet scores, which will be available in the shop very soon!

also.. the very first Sunwrae album Never Stops to Wait is now available on itunes and spotify, as well as Live at The Thornbury Theatre.. and of course the new albums Invisible Wilderness (itunes here and spotify here)..

stay tuned for more news soon.. 🙂