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and.. we’re off! 2017 is underway~ i’ve schemed up some wonderful things..  some ‘unreleased’ tracks, including ‘Captain Matchbox’ are now out in the ether.. the 2nd Rabbitsss release is bubbling away.. i’ve got some new piano & string music on the boiler too.. and on top of all my travels recently, my back catalogue of piano quintets are being published.. stay tuned for more.

meanwhile, here’s a track from my solo albums a while back.


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stay tuned for future performances shortly!

here’s a little montage of some front windscreen shots from a previous tour in Australia..

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  • the artist retreat.. - i’m writing this from Yaddo, an artist retreat on a 400-acre estate in Saratoga Springs, New York. i’m in the woods, it’s rather wintery, and I have a view of tall trees covered in snow as far as the eye can see. i’m working on some new music, as well as resurrecting some old music,... View Article
  • another festive season.. - waay too long between posts i know.. but for very good reasons. i’ve spent this year travelling alot, an extended trip to the USA for a Rabbitsss recording, a new collaboration with NYC composer Bradford Reed, and scheming 2017 projects.. also The Netherlands for gigs, Poland for a jazz festival, and now I’m in London,... View Article
  • welcome 2016.. and Frugal Forest film.. - a belated happy new year.. hope it’s started brilliantly for you.. i’ve been swept up with planning some future projects and writing new music.. very excited to say that Frugal Forest launched in January at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie (AUS) and is now touring regional NSW galleries. Our short film of the project documents... View Article
  • 2015 in reflection.. and festive season SALE!!! - well, what a year this one has been.. and whilst it’s not over yet, amongst the thoughts of ‘what the heck am i doing with my life’ (!) i just wanted to recap some of things that have been keeping me busy.. so, 2015 saw the creation and launch of two new websites, this very... View Article
  • albums for sale! - Very happy to write that my new albums Invisible Wilderness Volumes I & II are now available for sale from the shop. If you subscribe, there’s a free mp3 download available if you’d like a taster first.. It’s been a very busy few weeks here.. the sheet music publication is currently at the printers (pre-sales... View Article
  • record launch & tour! - so my double volume RECORD IS OUT september 1st (earlier previews for subscribers, sign up below!) and happy to announce a TOUR OF AUSTRALIA in september.. EUROPE stay tuned following this.. it’s been rather busy in my studio recently.. preparing the logistics for the record releases and touring.. and i’m working hard on a sheet... View Article
  • ready.. set.. - for the new stuff, please read on, there's LOTS of news.. for the old stuff (2009-2014).. visit sunwrae.blogspot.com


  • sunwrae ensemble
    Dynamic trio-12 piece revolving ensemble, Sunwrae stylishly captivate audiences with music textured with persuasive rhythms and spectacular improvisation!
  • rabbitsss

    Rabbitsss is an electronic duo between Rae Howell and NY sonic & visual artist Jon Cohrs. Debut album out now!

  • frugal forest

    The Frugal Forest is a current creation & installation project: an intricately detailed forest, built entirely from salvaged materials in Australia. View our short film!

  • bespoke commissions
    Stop by here for bespoke music compositions, commissions for events & projects, and licensing Rae's music..