frugal forest

The Frugal Forest is a creation & installation project~ an intricately detailed forest built entirely from salvaged materials, by artists, musicians, scientists, business, industry and community across the Mid North Coast of NSW in Australia. The above short film documents the 3 year process, 1100 participants and the opening at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie in 2016.

It has just finished touring as a free public exhibition to regional NSW galleries, and will be at the Sydney Opera House in July (2017), before taking up residence at the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre in Port Macquarie, Australia.

Every step of the process has be revealed via the Frugal Forest website, through social media, short films, an education kit and hands-on workshops. And you can listen and buy the stereo mp3 version from the Sunwrae website.. for only a fiver!

The creative team is led by artist-extraordinaire Bryony Anderson.. along with President of Frugal Arts Inc Chay Khamsone and composer Rae Howell (my job was creating the soundscape: a compact 20-minute 5.1 surround sound composition of a 24-hour cycle of the rainforest, created entirely from foley effects (rubbish and recycled materials!), with the help of composer Ben Robinson and sound designer Sam Petty).

The Frugal Forest is a One Off Makery project, supported by Midwaste Regional Waste Forum.