another festive season..

November 30, 2016 11:56 pm

waay too long between posts i know.. but for very good reasons. i’ve spent this year travelling alot, an extended trip to the USA for a Rabbitsss recording, a new collaboration with NYC composer Bradford Reed, and scheming 2017 projects.. also The Netherlands for gigs, Poland for a jazz festival, and now I’m in London, finishing some projects that have been on my to-do list for some time.

i’ve just released some ‘unreleased’ tracks from my recordings in 2015 including Captain Matchbox, available on the usual digital platforms (and for FREE in the shop), and have uploaded the sheet music for Rainlessness and Autumn Never Fall, piano & string quartet works.. and by next week there will be a few more piano quintet works (with score & parts) up online. phew!

all my albums (cds/mp3s) and sheet music are on sale until December 15, so if there are festive gifts you need to give, i’d welcome your enquiries (even a special/unique package, with original sheet music packaging), just send me through a note!

apart from the usual (well, i’m not sure what is ‘usual’ in my life!), i created the soundtrack for a big puppet outdoor production this year, Citizen Squid, by Puppets with Guts, as well as a one-woman Cabaret show, and was also assistant director on a film shoot in NYC. Things never get boring around here! I’ve learned a lot throughout this fun-filled an busy year.. and whilst there is still a month to go of ticking of some to-do’s, I’m hoping for some down-time over the festive season, to prepare for what seems like another exciting year, in 2017.. yay for life!

alright vegemite, until next time.. 😉