2015 in reflection.. and festive season SALE!!!

November 30, 2015 10:37 am

well, what a year this one has been.. and whilst it’s not over yet, amongst the thoughts of ‘what the heck am i doing with my life’ (!) i just wanted to recap some of things that have been keeping me busy..

so, 2015 saw the creation and launch of two new websites, this very one you’re reading and one for sunwrae.com which has been a long time coming! these were to help the release of my double volume solo records and sheet music publication, also released this year, followed by a tour in Australia September/October.

i was also in Australia earlier this year, for a project on the mid-north coast of NSW called Frugal Forest, led by artist Bryony Anderson (One Off Makery). i’m creating the soundtrack for the project, which will culminate in a large scale gallery installation of an intricately detailed forest, made entirely from salvaged/recycled materials. opening on January 8th 2016 at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie, we’re currently on the home stretch of editing and mixing, whilst Bryony and her team of crafty creators are busily building the last of the forest ready for installation.

over the European summer i was fortunate enough to work with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre department in London, directing music rehearsals for their production of Oresteia, and at the same time i undertook a residency to create the sound for a gallery installation in London, for visual artist Alexander James (Distil Ennui). more news on that when it’s complete! of course, there’s been many other projects weaving in and out of the above..

most recently i’ve been arranging a string orchestra score for pop music gig.. and this week i’m playing for (sshh it’s a secret) a VIP event at Australia House, for Sir David Attenborough and the launch of a new BBC series on the Great Barrier Reef. i’m also told that a member of the Royal family will be there.. yikes!

December will see me working on some piano & string quartet sheet music, which will be up for sale early in the new year..

and finally, for the impending festive season, i’ve reduced everything in the shop on this site and Sunwrae’s, by up to 40%.. CDs and sheet music make wonderful Christmas gifts!!!

best wishes to all readers for no doubt a busy Christmas and New Year~
over and out for now.. see you all in 2016!